Diving Pensacola wrecks, such as the USS Oriskany, along with the Massachusetts or the Russian Freighter is breath taking.  Learn Scuba Diving in Pensacola, in addition to those wrecks, there are many other wrecks in and around the Pensacola bays and Gulf.  Together with a reputable dive service center a vacation to Pensacola can, become a memory that lasts a lifetime.  As a matter of fact the Pensacola peninsula offers some of the best diving in the world.

Diving Pensacola wrecks is possible

National Scuba

National Scuba  Is a diving service center.   A service center is different from your traditional brick & mortar dive stores as they focus on you the person and not you the customer.  Scuba service centers typically have low overhead and don't have to up-sell you on gear, training or charters.  To say nothing of the fact that typically they are not ("Dive Mills" similar to "Puppy Mills").

National Scuba

Repeat Fishing

Fishing Pensacola is absolutely amazing.  Repeat Fishing makes their home here in the Pensacola Wreck Divers Forum.  A vast wealth of knowledge and tutorials are literally at your fingertips.  In addition you can share in the experience, by joining them on any number of their Free Fun Trips.



Kayaking Pensacola is an adventure with its beautiful bays, estuaries, rivers and of course "BTB" (Beyond The Breakers).  In reality one can enjoy the solitude of nature, fishing, photography, alternative exercise or enjoying the day with fellow kayakers.  As a matter of fact Repeat Fishing goes out several times a month and they're always game for company.


The Invasive Lionfish

Also known as the Turkeyfish and Zebrafish.  The Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) is one of 500 species of Scorpaenidae; 6 of these are native to the Gulf of Mexico.

The earliest record of a Lionfish in Florida was in 1985 in the town of Dania.  Of course today they thrive in all the coastal waters of Florida.

Our chances of eradicating the Lionfish from Florida waters may well be long gone. Despite their large numbers aggressive hunting and consumption may help in keeping their numbers low.

Watch the Forum for tasty Lionfish recipes and special roundup events.  If you see Lionfish while diving Pensacola wrecks let the forum known so they can be harvested.

Diving Pensacola Wrecks with Lionfish

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