Repeat Fishing

Recreational fishing in Pensacola is actually very competitive as a result getting on the fish can be difficult.  Private numbers are difficult to obtain, yet public numbers abound.  During Red Snapper season you'll be amazed at the number of boats jostling for position on a public wreck.  Fishing these public numbers can actually be very productive and believe it or not you can limit out.

By all means use our numbers

Galvez Landing

Inshore & Offshore

We'll show you where we catch Trout, Snapper, Grouper, Drum and Sheepshead.

You will Definitely improve your catch ratio with larger and heavier fish.

Speckled Trout

Location:  Galvez Landing.
Reel:  Penn Fierce 6000
Line:  Trilene 15lb
Rig:  Bobber & hook.
Bait:  Live shrimp.

The red stars for example indicate the weed beds I fished.   The embedded image specifically shows two trout that were kept for diner, even though I could have kept my limit of 5.

Leave No Trace Behind

A wise-man once said, "What ever happens to the animals will one day happen to us".  for this reason we encourage people to fish responsibly and keep only what they intend to eat.

Bobber Fishing

Live Bait

Natures Perfect Bait

In general regardless if its fresh or saltwater, its hard to beat the natural prey of fish.  The use of circle hooks has helped tremendously by reducing the number of stomach hooked fish.

Dock Fishing

Fishing In The Dark

Sometimes The Bite Is Better

The bite often turns on after sundown and lasts for about 4 or 5 hours in saltwater.  frequently a properly prepared fisherman can slide out catch that 30 pound Redfish and be back home by 10 pm.

Fish Diner

Bounty From The Bay

Freshness Makes a Difference

What exactly can you do with some of your catch?  You can enjoy a 5-star meal with your loved ones at a fraction of the cost of going out to eat.  In conclusion we can all use a little extra cash in our pockets, so why not eat some of what you catch.

In spite of your experience level you can catch fish.

Regardless of where you live, if your in Pensacola and want to experience the joys of landing a fish we can help.  Do you have your own equipment?  Just visit our forum and repeat our trips, using our numbers.  Don't have the necessary equipment, you can find Charters in our forum or use ours Pensacola Wreck Divers Charters.  If you would you rather explore the creatures and wrecks up close and personal check out National Scuba.  For the most part we can summarize our message in a word "Recreation" try it and live again.