Wreck Diving

Scuba diving wrecks, spearfishing & lobster hunting Pensacola area shipwrecks and natural reefs provides incredible sights as well as seafood.  Diving the panhandle of Florida around Pensacola is simply amazing.  With numerous wrecks to explore and a vast variety of marine life, Pensacola should be on every scuba divers list of diving locations.

Pensacola is home to several wrecks and is part of the shipwreck trail that consists of twelve wrecks.

Scuba Diving Wrecks

  • The USS Oriskany.  This aircraft carrier is the largest artificial reef in the world and is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world.  After serving in the Pacific, the “Mighty O’” was sunk in 2006 and is surrounded by variety of sea life.
  • YDT-14.  A veteran U.S. Navy dive tender sunk in 2000, the ship’s upper structure is at 60 feet of depth.   Goliath Grouper, Amberjack and Barracuda can often be spotted here.
  • San Pablo also known as the Russian Freighter.  Is a freighter that hauled fruit from Central America, this ship was sunk by a U-boat during World War II and later blown up in a secret military operation off Pensacola.
  • Pete Tide II.  This offshore oilfield supply vessel became an artificial reef in 1993 and offers three decks of superstructure to explore that teems with schools of fish.
  • Three Coal Barges.  These barges, sunk in 1974, are in shallow water and offer a great location for divers to practice their skills and learn about different kinds of marine life.
Scuba Diving Wrecks The Oriskany

USS Oriskany

Wreck: USS Oriskany
Deployment ID: ES0102
Deployment Date: 17 May 2006
Depth: 212 feet
Relief: 134 feet
Latitude: 30° 2.554' N Longitude: 87° 0.397' W

USS Massachusetts

USS Massachusetts

Wreck: USS Massachusetts
Deployment ID:
Deployment Date: 1921
Depth: 30 feet
Latitude: 30° 17.795' N Longitude: 87° 18.720' W

M60 Battle Tanks

M-60 Battle Tank

Wreck: M-60 Battle Tank
Deployment ID: ES0061
Deployment Date: 18 December 1994
Depth: 113 feet
Relief: 10 feet
Latitude: 30° 6.711' N Longitude: 87° 11.873' W


The Antares Freighter

  • The Antares Freighter was a 387 foot steel-hulled freighter sunk as part of the artificial reef program and currently rests about 21 miles out from the Pensacola Pass.  Amberjacks, Sharks, Loggerhead Turtles, Snapper and Grouper can all be found here.

Navy Tender YDT-15

Wreck: Navy Dive Tender YDT-15
Deployment ID: ES0082
Deployment Date: 01 April 2000
Depth: 90 feet
Relief: 28 feet
Latitude: 30° 5.267' N Longitude: 87° 9.550' W

Navy Tender YDT-15

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